Trade Unions for African Liberation

The African Liberation Support Campaign Network (ALISC Network) is building on the wealthy tradition of British solidarity. This has developed over the years through movements such as the Movement for Colonial Freedom and the anti-Apartheid Movement. ALISC Network supports grass roots movements for social justice across Africa.

A significant portion of solidarity in this country comes from the trade union movement. A number of trade unions have affiliated with ALISC Network and these are listed below:

1. Colchester Trades Council

2. Essex NE UNISON

3. UNITE (T &G) Branch 11 / 11

4. NUT Redbridge

The following unions have donated to ALISC Network initiative to support grass root activists and youth to attend the World Socail Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.

1. South East Region Trade Union Council (SERTUC)

2. National Union of Journalists – London Freelance Branch

3. UNITE (T & G ACTSS Central London)

4. UNITE (T & G ACTSS West London)

5. Caribbean Labour Solidarity

If you would like to get your trade union branch to affiliate with ALISC Network or invite a speaker from the network. do get in touch.

If you are not in a union then join one and assist them to affiliate with ALISC Network.

Every branch which affiliates will receive copies of ALISC Network’s quarterly publication, Kilombo, regularly.

Please, forward this appeal widely to as many people as possible, especially trade union activists.

Contact us: