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Kilombo’s Editorial Orientation

In January 1997, the African Liberation Support Campaign (ALISC) decided to initiate a publication to articulate the struggles of grassroots Pan-African communities of resistance. In July 1997, the first issue came out as Volume 1 Issue 1. In addressing the issues of struggles of grassroots Pan-African communities we are guided by the principles of African self-determination and social justice. Our main focus is: how to end the present power relations, which are responsible for the marginalisation, oppression and exploitation of people of African descent. In proceeding with this we consider the issue of African history identity and culture as paramount. However, this is not taken in abstract, but as part and parcel of the process of achieving social justice. As our focus is to address the issue of unfair and oppressive power relations, we also extend our hands in solidarity in covering other struggles for global justice. We devote space to whatever efforts will create an enabling atmosphere for the success of this struggle. Such efforts include the deepening of democracy and ending the proxy wars on the continent.


Hellen Okello, a participant at Africa @ 50 and Explo Nani-Kofi, editor of Kilombo